Liberty University Online Courses Information

Important Course Information for Online Students

Whether you are a new or returning Liberty University student pursuing an online degree, this page is designed to help answer many of your questions about starting classes. We strive to provide a quality and enjoyable educational journey for all of our online students.

How to Acquire Books for Your Online Courses

  • To continue our mission of providing affordable education, electronic textbooks are provided for all undergraduate courses at no cost to you. As a full-time student, this could save you an estimated $800-2,000 per year on textbooks!
  • Students should review the list of required course materials at our online bookstore partner, Barnes & Noble College. If you have course materials to order, you can visit our book voucher page for more information or watch this short tutorial video on Barnes & Noble College. If you have already been accepted into your degree, you can also walk through the New Student Orientation in Blackboard to receive firsthand course experience!
  • Online students can only use their Liberty University book voucher at Barnes & Noble College.

Learn How to Navigate Blackboard and Canvas – Liberty’s Online Learning Environments


  • Blackboard is the online classroom management system where coursework is completed. Course content is added by Thursday of Week 0.
  • To help you prepare for your online courses at Liberty University, or if you need a refresher on how to use Blackboard, watch our tutorial videos.


  • Liberty has selected the Canvas platform to replace Blackboard because it is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly learning management platform that is cloud-based and mobile-friendly.
  • As Canvas is available for your program, you will receive communication and access to the online orientation course in order to acclimate yourself to the change. Click here for more tutorials.

    Course Requirements Checklist (CRC)

    The Liberty University Course Requirements Checklist is used to confirm your attendance in a course. If you complete this assignment, or any others, on or after Monday of week one, you are officially marked as attending. Once you attend, you will no longer be able to drop the course without penalty and will need to withdraw should you choose not to continue in the course.

    The Course Requirements Checklist is due by 11:59 pm EST Wednesday of Week 1 and can be located by following the steps below. If after following these steps, you still do not see the Course Requirements Checklist, please contact Academic Advising.


    1. Log into Blackboard.
    2. Select the current term.
    3. Select your current course.
    4. In the left-hand menu, select Course Content.
    5. Select the Module/Week 1 folder.
    6. Select the Assignments folder.
    7. Select the Course Requirements Checklist assignment.


    1. Log into Canvas
    2. The Course Requirements Checklist (CRC) can be found under the Students Acknowledgements section.
    3. Click the link to view the instructions.
    4. Read the Course Guide and Student Expectations
    5. Click the Take the Quiz link to begin the assignment.
    6. Answer all the questions and then click Submit Quiz to complete the assignment.
    7. The quiz results will display upon submitting the assignment. If you missed any questions, then Take the Quiz Again

    Professor Contact Information

    The professor of your course should be the first point of contact for any questions or course issues you might experience. If any issues should arise regarding getting in contact with your professor, please contact Academic Advising at 800-424-9595 for undergraduate, 800-424-9596 for graduate, or by email at

    Follow the steps below to locate your professor’s contact information:


    1. Log into Blackboard.
    2. Select the current term.
    3. Select your current course.
    4. In the left-hand menu, select Faculty Information.
    5. Your professor’s contact information will be listed here.


    1. Log into Canvas.
    2. Click People located on the Course Navigation Menu.
    3. Scroll down the list of people to find the faculty member or use the drop
      down filter to sort by teacher. You can also search by name.
    4. Click on the faculty member’s name to view their profile.
    5. Your professor’s contact information will be listed here.

    Join the Liberty University Online Programs Student Community!

    Are you looking for a place to connect with fellow online students across the globe? You’re invited to meet and network with your Liberty University classmates, receive support and encouragement, and stay up-to-date on what is happening at your university. Visit Yammer’s login page if you’re ready to join the conversation.

    Our Liberty University online programs chat support, social media outlets, and informational videos seek to use social media as a platform for student bonding and presenting the latest Liberty news. Liberty University’s social networks connect you with all official university-approved social media accounts for our academic departments and schools. We encourage all online students to take advantage of this communal experience. Opportunities are available to watch convocation, stay up-to-date on all the happenings around campus, and gain valuable information from other students in your degree program from the convenience of your home.

    Tutorials and Webinars are Available for Our Online Students

    Our Instructional Media team wants to help you be a confident student. View our academic tutorials for an understanding of the Liberty University registration process, completing Financial Aid, navigating your Degree Completion Plan, receiving military-specific benefits, and learning about other student resources. Step-by-step processes are embedded within these tutorials for adding and dropping courses as well as viewing your online degree schedule. We also want to provide you with helpful instructional media tools and opportunities for scholastic interactions through various webinar features.

    • Check out over 30 tutorials and 60 live or archived webinars for an in-depth look at subjects ranging from “How to Add Your Liberty Webmail to Your iOS or Android Device” to “Navigating Blackboard to Funding Your Education”.
    • Check out our upcoming events page to see what webinars you might want to attend live in the future!

    Feel free to email with any feedback or questions you may have regarding webinars and tutorials.